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November 13, 2020
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A Mobile Petting Zoo Will Come To You

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One of the greatest benefits of a mobile petting zoo is that it can come to you. The staff will do all the setting up and also clean up afterwards. A birthday party can be a memorable event with the children loving the interaction with the animals. There may even be ponies for the children to ride. Some zoos offer reptile shows as part of the experience.

The animals are usually those which are commonly found in a farmyard such as lambs, pigs and goats. There may also be rabbits, tortoises and guinea pigs. None of the animals are aggressive in nature and are healthy and well cared for. They are usually used to interacting with humans and quite docile.

Small children love relating to animals. Those who live in cities do not get much chance to get close to them. A petting zoo provides a great opportunity for this to happen. They can feel the different types of fur and learn what foods the animals eat. They can feel what it is like to have an animal respond to being stroked. This is not something that can be learned from a book.

Children may be allowed to hold and cuddle the smaller animals. The staff needs to demonstrate how to do this, so that the children do not hold them too tight or frighten them. This is also a good time to explain to them that they need to have respect for pets. They must not pull their tails or chase them around. Grooming the animals can be pleasurable for the animals and the children.

When hiring a petting zoo you need to be sure that it has a good reputation. The animals should be enclosed within some sort of pen so that they can be controlled properly. The staff needs to be experienced in handling animals and children in order to ensure their safety.

Hygiene is a priority for a petting zoo as animals do carry germs and diseases. Hand sanitizers may be provided to children to use after handling the animals. They are not allowed to take food into the pens with them. If they are allowed to feed the animals, they do so with food provided by the staff.

Parents love seeing the joy on the faces of their children as they bond with the animals. More and more children are growing up in cities, with very little experience of relating to animals. A petting zoo provides pure pleasure and a means of introducing them to a wider range of experience.


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