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September 2, 2020
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7 Signs Your Child is Gifted

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There are many ways to define giftedness, though gifted children have one common factor: they can show extraordinary performance in many ways. As parents, we should understand that a child is gifted in his own way. They can be exceptional in different areas such as music and arts. Every child has their own skills and talents, though it needs to be nurtured starting at toddler. Many parents provide educational toys to enhance their child's skills. Parents can tell if their child is gifted by observing them play.

Here are signs that your child is gifted:

1. Child shows excellent abilities in terms of academic fields, whether it is mathematics, languages, science and even at performing arts. Usually, the child receives an award for academic performance, or as an outstanding student of the class. Learning is fast for him. He can read, write, recite without mom's help. The child also shows resourcefulness by improvising things. Mostly good in written and oral skills. He can answer questions and solve problems too. When you found out that your child possess this abilities, be happy - your child is gifted. Provide your child educational toys to cultivate their knowledge. Chunky board books, ABCs, pop-up books are some of the educational toys your child will surely love to have.

2. Child loves to listen to music and enjoys singing a lot. He has a good voice and can follow rhythms well, knows how to read notes and put them into tones. More over, the child expresses himself through music.

3. Child tends to be a dramatist. He can act out characters on his favorite toy characters and voice out what he reads at a book.

4. Child shows appreciation in performing and visual arts. Likely, he would ask you to buy art materials and then, you would find him making a few sketch, drawing or painting. The child is usually focused on his drawings and he is too good on color combinations. He loves to carry his sketch pad and shows it to his playmates. What you should provide him are educational toys for arts, such as coloring pads, color pens, crayons and washable books.

5. Child's psychomotor activity and coordination of body, hands and feet is good. The child loves adventure, physical games and outdoor activities. Energetic but knows how to choose what kind of games he will play. When your child has this skill, he may be an athlete. He is good in motor skills and has strong stamina.

6. Child loves to express himself through writing. You can find this child in the depth of his writing. The child usually writes stories about his dreams, favorite places and trips. Pen and paper is his top most favorite things. He can write a good essay in a short moment. Observe your little one, if he loves to read and then, most likely he has a passion for writing. Provide your child with educational toys that enables him to nurture his knowledge.

7. Child shows leadership. When he plays with other kids, he is the one who gives instructions to the rest. The child organizes the play and resolve quarrelling playmates. His playmates often ask ideas and directions from him. The child has a lot of ideas, shares them to others and decides. He is a good decision maker.

Of course, there are a lot more signs that your child is gifted and parents should be aware of it. Your child may or may not have the given signs but they can be exceptional in other ways. If you see the signs that your child is gifted, make a generous effort to nourish it. Provide your child educational toys that can help them stimulate and cultivate their skills even at playtime.


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