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July 11, 2020
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Quilting Rotary Cutter

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A quilter uses a rotary cutter, which is a tool that is used to cut pieces of cloth or materials. These rotary cutters are available in various different sizes, though the basic rotary cutter, consists of a circular blade. Generally for quilting, smaller blades are used to cut the corners, and the larger ones are used to cut straight lines. With the help of rotary cutters, quilters are able to cut large quantities of materials quickly and more accurately. In order to carry out rotary cutting, you would need a rotary cutter, a mat on which you can lay out the material to cut, and a heavy plastic or wooden ruler. As mentioned earlier there are two main types of rotary cutters, while the smaller one is generally used for trimming, for complete rotary cutting, the large one is recommended.

You get different types of rotary cutters, these have different types of blades and handles, as well as a wide variety of protective covers. Most often its is a large rotary balde that is used to cut a number of fabrics or layers of fabrics at one shot. Sometimes, the cutting is not too accurate when too many layers of fabric are cut at once. It's essential that a quilting rotary cutter, have a lot of patience, more so when cutting many pieces of fabric at one time. Rotary cutters also need to be careful and mindful while cutting, as these cutters are extremely sharp, and if proper care is not taken, one can injure themselves.

For any quilter, a rotary cutter is a not only a useful tool, but an essential one as well. With these cutters, a quilter is able to cut many layers of fabric, and get smooth edges. Most often a large rotary cutter is used for this purpose. A cutting mat is also needed when a quilter is cutting, in order to protect the surface of the blade while cutting. You find various different types of cutting mats available in the market. These cutting mats have marking, and its advisable to go in for a 22 inch wide mat, as with this mat, you can fold the width of this fabric and cut it in half.

You need to follow some basic safety precautions while using a rotary cutter for quilting. Whenever the cutter is not in use, it's important that the blade is closed. Thus you can avoid unnecessary accidents with the sharp blade. A special cutting mat should be used along with the rotary cutter in order to avoid spoiling the surface or the cutter blades. Moreover this mat will also prevent the fabric from slipping, while cutting. A ruler is also necessary so that one can make appropriate markings. A quilter some focus completely on cutting and pay special attention to the rotary cutter, or else serious mishaps can occur. The rotary cutter, should also be kept clean, and at a safe place, out of reach of children.

One of the main skills required for a quilter is rotary cutting. Once this art of rotary cutting is mastered, it saves a lot of time and effort. If done properly, the accuracy is also pretty amazing.


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