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May 5, 2020
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Products for You and Your Child: Stylish Backpacks for Kids and Google Glass Accessories Under One Roof

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If you're a Google Glass Explorer and have got children in your house, this roundup is just the one made for you. This is because apart from featuring fancy Google Glass Accessories that are doing good rounds in the market among Project Glass Users, the roundup also features some of the coolest Backpacks for Kids. Two totally different areas of shopping merged in one for the techspirational lot. Incase you were already looking for some gift ideas in either of the two categories, scroll down for gathering more information. Presenting some of the latest Google Glass Accessories and Backpacks for Kids together:

Google Glass Accessories:

Google Glass Decal Accessory

This set of Galaxy decals makes your Google Glass camera, touchpad and battery depict a scene from the galaxy in a purple color mode. The skin has been made out of 3M high-quality vinyl which can easily adjust to any kind of shape or contour.

Wetley GGRX Prescription Frame for Google Glass

Made as an ideal prescription frame for Explorers who wish to wear Glass as a set of glasses instead of just a head-mounted display. Your Glass will fit onto the frame within five seconds and once done, it'd be all set for daily use.


It's a stunning tracker for all your valuables that both looks great and is extremely functional at the same time. But when paired with Glass, the entire system of Bringrr's operability becomes even more magical.


To have a separate power bank for your Glass seems like a great idea and that's exactly what GazerG is into producing. With their extended battery providing 3 times more energy than standard Google Glass battery, you'd be able to enjoy an overall power bank with 4 times energy in total.


It's a set of 3D printed unique lens cover and other fun accessories (such as pencil holder, wearable planter, display shield) for your Glass that makes using it even more fun. Each accessory has a special use of its own and that's what makes the entire set a complete collection of real cool stuff for Glass explorers.

Backpacks for Kids

3D Cartoon Flat Backpack

It's stylish, gorgeous and most importantly durable for the fashion forward generation we have today. Coming in vibrant colors and a flat design, you can create a style of your own with this cute and newly concepted backpack.

The Spongebob Ninja Pants Backpack

It's been inspired from Sprayground's original "Ninja's Got My Back" backpack series which features Spongebob in a more ninja like way. The front panel of the bag shows Spongebob with a ninja mask, having only his eyes and pointed nose exposed for the world to see.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Backpack by Sprayground

Featuring TMNTs wearing bright bandanas and showing a shining gold tooth, these backpacks are available as Donatello, Michelangelo, and Raphael. Every character gets featured following a unique design that can suit a modern teenager's funky lifestyle.

American Flag Backpack by American Apparel

It comes with a main compartment zipper closure and a front zipper pocket, the design of which resembles the American Flag print from every angle. The bag is a 100% cotton construction with a nylon zipper closure that makes the entire piece a comfortable fit for everyday use.

Sprayground X Spongebob Sharkpants Backpack

The backpack has been designed entirely on this renowned cartoon character which is truly a favorite for those who have special liking for Spongebob.


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