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April 12, 2020
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Print Your Own Birthday Invitations and Cards

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When you are planning your child?s birthday party, you have to decide on a theme and then decide what to do about invitations and a birthday card. Although you can get birthday invitations made by companies related to your theme, these invitations can take a few weeks to reach you and will cost you some money. Instead, why not try creating and printing your own invitations and birthday cards?

Creating your own invitations and birthday cards is a fun activity that allows you complete freedom in your theme and what you (or your child) wants everything to look like. You don?t have to do the art yourself either; you can simply download the images you want or scan them into your computer. Then you can add text to the card and print them out again. For this style of printing, you should stick to a normal A4 style printer and use either bright white paper or for fancy cards, you can use card paper or matte paper; this way, the invitations and cards are sturdy and look highly professional. You can use a basic inkjet printer or a laser printer; whichever you have on hand, and you will still get great results as long as you start out with the right paper and have a good base image to work with.

Invitations can be done on basic paper and printing them yourself means that you can get as many or as few as you need; the problem with buying invitations is that they come in sets and that means you either have too many or too few. Then for the birthday card, you can make a completely personal birthday card with whatever your child would love to have, even if you couldn?t normally find that card on the market.

When you can make your own invitations, especially for larger parties, you will save money too. Although most invitation sets aren?t too expensive, it?s hard to beat free! Furthermore, birthday cards can be very expensive, especially for really nice ones that you could just print off yourself for free.

Finally, you can have your child help you with the creation of the invitations and that will make the party even more exciting for your child and very much something for him or her to be proud of. You can be ensured that the invitations will be liked and then in secret, make a birthday card based on what your child likes. It?s a great bonding activity before the big event.

So, if you?re planning a birthday party and you want something personal without spending a ton of money, consider the benefits of printing your own invitations and birthday card. You?ll have the perfect invitations at a fraction of the cost and without buying much for printer supplies beyond what you?d have anyway.


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