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March 21, 2020
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Preparing Older Kids For A New Baby Coming

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Though many photos albums are full of cheery photos of the new little one and the older brothers and sisters, it does not always start this way. Family structure is often drastically changed with the appearance of a new baby. There is quite a lot of preparation that must happen before the delivery of a baby. When it comes, that new baby is going to be wanting and needing quite a bit of attention. If all of this attention is spent only on the newborn, then the older siblings might become jealous and make a scene as a way to receive attention. In order to help this to be an easier change to deal with, there are a few things that the mother and father can do during the first several days to make the older kids feel more calm and not so frustrated and confused.

For the Duration of the Pregnancy

Before informing your other kids that they are going to have a new baby brother or sister, you need to consider your child's maturity level. You must also be comfortable with how stable the pregnancy is. Really young children are not as likely to understand if you tell them too early. Their sense of time is not well developed at this time. It is a good thing if the mom and dad can inform their kid what time during the year the new baby will probably be coming. As one example, if you have a baby coming in December you should tell your kids that their new sibling will be coming near Christmas. Parents should always answer their children's questions honestly. For those parents who aren't comfortable talking about where babies come from with their kids, there are many books out there which are age appropriate for a mother or father to read with their kid.

Becoming Familiar With the Baby

When parents introduce the baby to older siblings for the very first time, they really should have someone else there to hold the baby. Each sibling should have a chance to hold the newborn. This is a wonderful time for the mom and dad to snap some great shots for family photo albums, while simultaneously making the older sisters and brothers feel more like they are included in the special event. If a sibling is too young to hold the newborn, an adult ought to sit with him or her and help them to support the baby. This enables parents to help them meet the baby with free hands. Both parents need to make time to give each older sibling some one-on-one time. Sometimes it will only take as little as ten or fifteen minutes to help a child's behavior to improve. During this one-on-one time period, parents need to let the sibling pick something to do. Allow the child to fully express their feelings about the new baby and the adjustments that have taken place.

Delivering the New Baby to Your Home

Once arriving home, there will most likely be many visitors to welcome the newborn. The mom and dad should discreetly ask that the visitors give the same amount of consideration to the other kids if they can. This will assist them to feel special also on that special day. Older siblings should be allowed to help in the care of the baby. Parents may want to allow them to push a stroller, help with the baths or even try changing the baby's diaper. Older siblings should not be expected to be automatically independent once the baby arrives home. These siblings will still require some degree of babying so they can better adjust. The parents should help the older siblings realize the good things about being older, such as choosing what they eat, selecting what they wear, and getting to not wear a diaper. It will not take much effort to make the coming home of the baby more simple for the older siblings. When this special occasion is a happy time, there are sure to be some great memories to capture for your favorite family photo albums.

After you've put these helpful hints into practice, you will be sure to feel better about how your older kids will feel when the new newborn arrives.


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