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March 14, 2020
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Preparing For a Hurricane

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From the latter part of September until late in the year, hurricanes destroy lands, homes and lives. Preparing for the chance of a hurricane when you live in a place where hurricanes occur, is an essential part of life. Preparation is about more than filling hundreds of bags with sand in order to protect your physical belongings, it is about securing a hurricane kit to protect your family. Water, food and more are packed for the very survival of your family.

Hurricane survival kits are a collection of the things you need in order to keep your family healthy and strong for days, or even months, after a hurricane. The kits provide food supplies, water supplies, clothing, blankets, first aid supplies and the primary NEEDS in life. These needs are can make the difference between living after a hurricane and being stranded wondering if you will survive.

The Effects of a Hurricane

After a hurricane, the local water supplies can be damaged. This means you and your family will be unable to find potable drinking water in order to stay alive. Hurricane survival kits are there to make sure you have that water supply. With children, babies and aging adults in many extended families, this water supply is a need that is often overlooked.

If the home is damaged during the hurricane, there will be no food supplies to pull from in order to feed your family. Chances are, if your home is destroyed, the local markets will either be destroyed or they will be overflowing with people trying to buy all of the food they can in a short period of time. Your hurricane survival kit will be created with all the food you need.

Waterproof and Hurricane Safe

The hurricane survival kits are packaged and protected from the elements by experts who understand the high winds and potential flooding. As the water levels rise and other food supplies are lost, the hurricane survival kit will remain safe and edible.

Choosing the Essentials for Your Hurricane Kit

There are some items that are essential in a hurricane kit. These include drinking water, food, clothing, baby supplies (if applicable), first aid supplies, medications, sunscreen, flashlight, batteries, fire supplies, mobile phone chargers and more.

The kits come in a variety of sizes can be created to fit the classroom setting, home setting and even to help out if stranded in a car. Each hurricane survival kit is catered to the needs of the buyer and will include food supplies to last 3 days or more.

A hurricane is a scary thing, but that does not have to mean you are left without food and water in the event of a hurricane hitting your home or your area. The hurricane survival kit most often carries a 5 year shelf life so you make the investment today and you are covered for 5 years. When purchasing the hurricane survival kit make sure to buy more than enough to cover the supplies for every person in the home after the hurricane passes.


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